Porsche Design Mate 9 Design Film.

Porsche Design Mate 9 film presents Huawei design philosophy and its new prospect in collaboration with the legendary design of Porsche.
It is designed by the beauty of curvature, speed, and symmetry.

The straight line belongs to Man.  The curved line belongs to God.
- Antonio Gaudi -

The beauty of curve is expressed as a form of reflection through the whole film.  Various beautiful forms flow through 911, a symbolic model of Porsche.  
It is abstract, but clearly observed organic shape of curvature.
The beauty of speed is visualized as the emotional metaphor sequence.  
Speed presents not only symbolic item of Porsche but fast technology of Mate 9.  
The light trail of Porsche moves and draws the shape of major device in Mate 9 in a stylized manner.   
The abstract form of light and the macro shape of device are edited in dynamic way. 
The beauty of symmetry presents the curve is in perfect harmony with technology.  
2.5D gorilla glass and metal unibody are comprised of perfect symmetrical structure.  

This brand film proclaims a new design language and its visual forces of Porsche design mate 9.  
Client : Huawei
Creative Agency : Master Pictures Inc.
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Producer : Jimin Jung
Design & Animation : Sangjoon Yoo, Hansol Lee, Sanggeun Lee, Seunghwan Kim, 
Hoil Kang, Sanghoon Cha.
2D Motion : Daeseung La, Hyewon Moon.
Compositing : Hannah Lee
Editing : Dongho Lee
Music Production : AOC
Producer : Fabrice Smadja
Music Composer : Raphael Ibanez De Garayo.

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