Master has created a product film for P40, one of the flagship line in Huawei, in March 2020.  The metaphor of this film was inspired by pure minimalism, elegance, and modernistic visual tactility, and I did aim to visualize a stylized manner of achromatic color palette to establish P40 identity.  The file takes the audience on a journey of discovery.  We explore the beauty of ceramic materials on achromatic color, volcano design, and 4D curved screen by aesthetic sensibilities.

HUAWEI P40 SERIES Official Product Film
Client : Huawei
Agency : Ogilvy
Production : Master
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Producer: Saebom Lee
CG Supervisor: Seongho Yu, Youngsoo Jang.
Design & Animation
Jeonghoon Wang, Youngjoo In, Dongsu Jang, Junyeon Kim, Kihyun Song, Minsu Yoon, Jiwan Yoo, Jooyeon Han, Kyenghyun Jang, Eunji Kim, Chulwon Jung, Kichan Kim
Hanna Lee, Jiyoon Kim, Eunhye Ko, Sunmin Hong
Live action directer : MC Jang
D.O.P.: Hanvit Kang
Music and Sound Design: MUTT
Local Live action Production: Traveling films, Portugal.​​​​​​​

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