P10 colour Story is a brand film representing product colors including two special editions of Pantone Green and Blue colors.  
This design sequence is comprised of the visual language inspiring the metaphor of each color.  
The colour concept is approached by meaningful idea as well as an emotional manner, and it is expressed in a dramatic way.

Pantone 15-0343, Symbolic of new beginnings, Greenery nourishes our emotion for reaffirmation and rebirth as the first days of spring when nature’s greens refresh, restore, and renew.  Pantone Greenery speaks to our desire to express and reinvent a sense of buoyancy.
Pantone 19-4029, Mystical Blue, is midnight oasis and its story is never ending.  The meaningful gestures of the blue color are truth, reliability, and confidence.  It is also represented as freedom of creativity.
Huawei P10 Colour Story
Client : Huawei
Creative Agency : Master Pictures Inc.
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Design : Julie Ballereau, Feellip Lee, Hyunjin Jung,
Animation : Seunghwan Kim, Hansol Lee, Sangjun Yoo, Sanggeun Lee, Daeseung La, Hannah Lee, 
Hoil Kang, Yujin Jung, Hyewon Moon, Yonghoon Kim, Ilhwan Kim.
DOP : Sangsik Yun, Rooftop Studio
Lighting Director : Seungkil Noh
Set Design Art Director : Yeongseon Yoo
Music Production : AOC
Producer : Fabrice Smadja
Music Composer : Benjamin Shielden.
Singer : Mia Edenberg

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