Huawei Nova 4 Promo Film
Agency : Master
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Producer: Soyoun Jeon, Hyemin Paik
Design & Animation : 
Seongho Yu, Hannah Lee, Jaejung Heo, Sangyeop Kim, Wonnam Chae, Seunghwan Kim, Wonki Park, Eunhye Ko, Seonmin Hong, Kyeonghyun Jang, Eunji Kim, Jiwan Yu, Giwon Kim, Kichan Kim, Chulwon Jeong, Junghoon Wang, Jonghua Yang, Areum Roh, Minsoo Yoon, V-1st, Jinyoung Moon.
Music Production : MUTT

The beautiful scenery illuminated by the color of the light in the city.  As the camera elegantly travelling through space filled by color.  The variety of the aesthetic aspect in colored city is captured in dramatized way.  A person walks on the street filled by the abundance of the light color. She stops and watches the showwindow where Venice is displayed.  She is attracted by the fascinating color and shape of it. Venice is being gloriously displayed on an illuminating liquid-like object.  A person tries to aim at the product through the glass which then transformed into a fluidic object bringing them into a dreamlike space.
The environment is exhibited by the diffusion of colors combined with the mysterious flowing of refraction and moving lights producing a flexible & elegant abstractionism.

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