Huawei requested Mate X campaign design & film to Master in the latter half of 2018.  Under the title of world first foldable 5G phone, Master had developed Marketing key-visuals & product film to create the tonality of an innovation.  It's such a big step toward a new era of a revolutionary smartphone, and I believed Huawei Mate X could be at the center of its innovation.  One year has already passed since Mate X has been launched, and before late, I’d like to present all process of conception as well as the final form of the art & film. 
Product Film
Life Style Film
Wallpaper Design​​​​​​​
Product Key-Visual / Standard & Special angle Stills​​​​​​​
Behind the Scenes​​​​​​​

Master did kick-off a symbolic campaign of a monumental step forward for world’s first foldable 5G phone on Huawei in the latter half of 2018.
The goal of Mate X film is to create a stunning tonality of introducing a innovative machine in a new era. It is a historical opening in universe. It could be a revolutionary dramatizing introduction. 
The brand new invention is a one-of-a-kind mobile technology, something so out of the ordinary that it is difficult to believe its existence. It makes the impossible possible, creating a super-reality, one that transforms and revolutionizes the mobile industry.
The film aims to portray the product in a minimalistic yet surreal manner while using the artistry of geometric shapes to accentuate its design. The story launches with a beam of light breaking the silence of dark Iceland. From a fine line, it transforms into a square piece of glass, floating on top of the water. The edge slowly comes into shape, vertically flipping the visual inside as the screen folds into a different position. The product's flexibility is explored by bending the concept of space, sailing through the ocean over and under the screen. The lean composition of the product is emphasized with various light rays arrangement as the screen gradually bends into a V formation.
Fingerprint & Power in One Button, Chipset Kirin 980 & Balong 5000 Baseband, Super Charge & Battery, Split Screen Dual Efficiency. Subsequently, two products appeared side by side, positioned in various angles from open to close, displaying its perfect structure.​​​​​​​


Concept V1 : The aesthetic of Fashion
It is to capture the beauty of organic form.  The fashion imagery like blossom & natural flow.
The moment of floating in the air.
The detail pattern & texture from Nature.
It is originally begun from the stylized manner of fashion and developed into the form of nature phenomena such as flower & plant.


Concept V2 : Universe

It represents exploring the unknown world.  It is infinite aspiration for universe and informs entering a new era for the future.
The characteristic of the foldable structure.  To fit into square aspect ratio.
Experimental layout on the central composition..

Key-Visual concept

Design Keywords
Fold it, unfold dream.  Illusionnism.  Balance between variation and unity. Metamorphosis.  Geometric.   

 Some sketches for brainstorming how to emphasize the characteristic 'Foldable'.
To capture the composition for describing all aspects of fold & unfold Mate X.
Geometric composition with folded properties..
 Efficient way to visualize the aesthetic on cutting-edge technology.​​​​​​​

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