Client : Honor
Agency : Master
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Producer : Hyemin Paik
CG Supervisor : Seongho Yu, Sangyeop Kim
Design & Animation 
Jinsu Kim, Jeonghoon Wang, Giwon Kim, Kichan Kim, Chulwon Jeong, Sangjun Yoo, Wonki Park, Jooyong Lee, Jaejin Do, Kyeonghyun Jang, Eunji Kim, Jiwan Yu, Daeseung La, Areum Roh, Jonghua Yang, Minsu Yoon, Kihyun Song
Hannah Lee, Eunhye Ko, Sunmin Hong, Jiyun Kim
Music Production : MUTT

Concept V1 : The Nature of Wonder
The main theme in the film is derived from the keyword ‘Wonder’. 
The fantasy environment and amazing imaginary animals are emphasized with stylized color and lighting condition 
to create a variety of exotic tonality.

Honor logo identity is created with growing exotic plants & owers. 
As the viewer camera gradually penetrates into the logo, the plants and owers start to grow plentifully, and they ll the whole screen. 
The variety of Wonder natures is displayed with Honor 20. 
Bummingbird & Reindeer are designed for fantastic tonality and imaginary igures in fairy tale. 
The shape of amazing animals are comprised of combining life elements in nature.
Yale is lying down on grass. 
As the viewer camera gets close to the side button through the grass, the ngerprint comes up on the surface of the button, 
and the phone screen turns up. 
On the top view from the phone screen, the uidic curvature layout design of the wallpaper is displayed on the screen. 
It is well-organized with the curved direction of the plants. 
The viewer recognizes the design of the uidic wallpaper derived from the curvature of the nature.

As the camera gets into the phone screen, the audience starts to have a journey to wonder ‘fabrics oating in the abstract space. 
Such a manner of underwater, out of space, or no gravity. The beautiful fabrics are oating and interacting with elegant movement of the phone. Moving color sequence is visualized to focus on creating iridescent characteristics. 
The color varies on the angle of the phone from the camera. 
Unique and fashionable color and design represents young luxury brand identity of Honor 20.

Concept V2 : Surrealism

Honor 20 is something that cannot be seen in real world but rather in new world in where no one have experienced it before. 
A combination of mysterious colors and environment invoking a beautiful colors making people cannot take their eyes off.
It synthesizes the beauty of the product with the soothing gradient of sets of colors found in nature.
It incorporates surreal situations and environment which will make the product stands out magni cently.
YALE metaphorically expresses new experiences by the uses of components 
such as surreal environment, weightlessness, and dynamic color.

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